IM CPH, FROM CAPTAIN SLOW. William Bontje 25/8/2015

The best plan you can make is a plan you can adapt. Or in my case trow out the window.

The 21st of june i crashed during IM kronborg 70.3.
i remember being on the bike, but all of a sudden i heard the nurse say: “we will stitch you up, but we can not sedate you”

it turns out that i crashed going in to T2, and my face broke my fall.(my face was broken as well)

Next comment of the nurse: forget about training and racing the next 2 to 3 months, your concussion needs time to heal.

on the other side of my hospital bed, my wife looks at my with a look that cold have killed me. the only thing she is mumbling is” you and your stupid bike”

after my wife calmed down a bit, she agreed on letting e race copenhagen. ( i also told her, that she would never hear the end of it if i didn’t)

so without trainig the last 8 weeks before the race, with my body stil in recovery mode, i stood at the waterfront on sunday morning. scared and unprepared, but determined to bring a medal home for my 3 year old daughter.
My raceplan: i have 16 hours, use them wisely.

the swim has never been that easy, warm and relaxed. There was no chaos, that you find at 70.3 starts. after a solid but conservativ swim of 1.34 i went into T1.

Because i was going to enjoy me race i decided, to switch to BIB shorts, witch was gonna make shure my ass had a nice day as well.

the corner……….the ATK corner i simply amazing.
walking towards the mounting line, i could already hear you guys. passing the corner gave me goosebumps all over. The realisation of racing kicked in!!, now i am really scared.

my bike strategy was honest and simple, SURVIVE.
i erased distance and speed from my computer, only having power and candance was gonna do the trick.
i really set my goals low, because of the heat and wind.
(powerzone 121-166)
second time up Geels bakke, i met my wife and daughter.
I stopped for about 15 minutes to hug them and assure them as was fine.
Seeing them made me realize that i needed to be super safe going in tho T2. so the last 15km i kept repeting in my head:

and i didn’t

going in to T2 was the best feeling ever!!!
but i finding out my 920xt had no life left in it, was a total bomber. I really hoped that the battery desinger, had a very painfull mishab that day, cause i was running blind now.

but to hell with it, i had 7 hours to get to the finishline.
and i knew i maybe had to use the all. With or without my garmin.

the first 20km past while i was totally enjoying myself, but at 22 km i got into trouble. the walking started.
langelinie was living up to its name IT IS A FUCKING LONG LINE.
after hi-fiveving prins frederik. i picked up a bit more speed.

But what Martin Vesterhede told my 12 hours earlier became reality. “you race will start at 30 km into the run”

as the sun went down, the wind picked up. i realized i was gonna make it in time. Double checking the time everything change i got. i walked the last 6 km towards the finishline.
I needed to make sure i didn’t do a Danielle and cross the line, so i just walked. My proudest and longest walk ever.

So after 14 hours 45 minuter and 58 seconds i on allowed to call myself an ironman.

thank you so much for all the support and positiv vibes underway. i makes my extra proud to wear green/black.

next year i will be there again, cheering for other being as stupid as me:-)

love to you all,

Captain slow

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